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Stump Removal Johannesburg

Need to remove or grind that nagging tree stump in your yard or garden? Our stump grinding specialists can quickly and easily remove it for you for a fine tree stump removal service.

Tree Felling Johannesburg has been providing stump removal in and around Johannesburg for years, effectively removing tree stumps from the properties of homeowners, and businesses.

Rest assured that our team is trained and experienced in clean and effective stump removal, no matter how large or how small the stump is. We have full-time staff members who deal with different stump situations each and every day, so no matter what, you’ll get the right solutions for whatever type of tree stump you’re facing. If you want fast and reliable services for stump removal in Johannesburg, Tree Felling Johannesburg is the specialist you’re looking for.

Why You Should Grind or Remove Tree Stumps

As you know, tree stumps are stubby, unsightly blocks that can disrupt the look of your garden or property that needs tree stump removal action. What most people don’t realize, however, is that tree stumps also pose certain risks and liabilities that make their immediate removal a must. The following are some of the major hazards that tree stumps often pose:

1. Tripping hazard

The first and most obvious hazard of tree stumps has to do with their size. Although tree stumps are much smaller than full-sized trees, their not small enough to be completely harmless. In most cases, coming across them usually means tripping and falling. This is particularly common among kids and young children who are less mindful of where they’re walking.

Because of their size, tree stumps often become a physical obstruction, especially if their located in a walking path or a commonly visited area. Running into a tree stump accidentally, however, can result in more than just a simple knock or trip. In really bad cases, it can also cause serious physical injuries. That’s why tree stumps can do more than just upset your garden’s aesthetics – they can also physically harm you or your family, making stump grinding a necessity.

2. Re-shoot new growth

Tree stumps are the remains of a cut tree and are, therefore, commonly thought to be dead and lifeless. But in reality, tree stumps can and will re-shoot. Some may find this amazing while many will find it annoying. The tree, after all, was presumably cut down for a good reason.

So whenever new leaves and branches shoot out of tree stumps, they usually becomes a liability. And for good reason – not only are new growths in tree stumps unstable and unpredictable, but they can also take up valuable energy nutrients and energy from the surrounding soil. And let’s face it – offshoots and re-growths on tree stumps are rarely (if ever) a pretty sight.

3. There is a possibility of it rotting

Because tree stumps are often dead blocks of wood, they becomes more susceptible to rotting and decomposition. That’s why homeowners often relate the rotting process as a means of getting rid of the stump itself. This is often a bad idea. Rotting tree stumps can result in the following two hazards to occur.

4. The rot will decay and encourage fungus growth.

A rotting tree stump is a prime location for unwanted fungus and mould to grow. These can spread quickly and wreak havoc not just on the tree stump itself, but possibly also the surrounding plant life nearby. Fungus like mushrooms can grow quickly, and, if left untreated, could cause a fungal outbreak on the rest of your garden.

5. Rotting stumps also attract termites!

It’s not just fungus that love to grow in rotting tree stumps, either. Termites, ants, and other insects and pests are easily attracted to the decaying material in a rotting tree stump. The longer you keep a tree stump on your property – whether it’s rotting or not – the more likely you’ll attract both animal and plant pests to come.

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