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Palm Tree Removal Johannesburg

Tree Felling Johannesburg provides professional palm tree removal as well as cleaning of palm trees at a reasonable cost. The tropical conditions of our area make palm trees develop quickly, shedding branches and leaving fruits as well as seeds scattered on the soil.

Palm tree removal by professionals as well as palm tree cleaning

Cuban Royal Palms, Alexandra Palms, Cocos Palms and Palmetto Palms are known for being extremely maintenance-intensive trees. Therefore, it is recommended that these types of palms be cleaned frequently and pruned, or removed. We can provide the following palm tree removal services to your palm trees:

  • Complete palm removal
  • Removing pods of fruit or seeds as needed
  • Elimination of hazardous or dead palm frosts
  • Pruning or shaping the palm
  • A difficult palm removal problem in tight areas (e.g. swimming pool areas)

Contact us now and we will discuss palm tree removal services. We’ll be happy to visit to take a look and give you advice free of charge

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